Duration: TOO MANY EPISODES OF GILMORE GIRLS (it was on in the background) 

webcomic practice.png

It’s Spring Break and I’m getting nothing done!!!!!!!!!

To commemorate my lack of motivation for Spring Break 2k16, I made a comic about it!

I’ve always been super into webcomics, here are a few of my favorites. So this week: I am dabbling in creating one of my own! It’s autobiographical: surprise!

This was a lot of fun to draw, honestly. I loved the whole process, but it’s definitely revealing a lot of things I can work on:

    While drawing the three me’s, I had to keep going back and erasing and trying again to get the face shapes consistent. Even now, it only vaguely looks like the same person from panel to panel. So for next time, I gotta work on keeping my hands from being so shaky. Which leads to my next point:
    WOO EE DO I NEED TO WORK ON GETTING CLEANER LINES. Photoshop is so unforgiving all the time. It’s also hard to draw glasses. Like, really hard. It’s an issue that would probably be fixed by getting cleaner line art, I dunno. Later this week, I am going to dabble in vector drawing, which may solve some issues.
    For this piece, I used zero Youtube tutorials; however, the issue with this is that I have these really pixel-y images (you can only tell when you zoom in). I want high resolution! I want perfection! I demand it!
    While my color palates are A1 (if I do say so myself) my technique is L A C K I N G. I need to do better, be less lazy, spend more time.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my final product! I can’t wait to make more comics and have even more fun with this medium. Wahoo!




One thought on “SPRING BREAK 2016!!

  1. Daddy-O March 16, 2016 / 2:48 am

    I like how your face got bigger in panel 3, but your hands, not so much.


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