That Being Said: I Like Using My Art to Complain


BECAUSE I am a complainer: I love using my medium to just complain about the silly business in my life, particularly through kinda shitty doodles of myself. For this one, I free hand doodled a piece for the very first time.

Life has been really, really busy this semester. It’s the first time I’m working and doing school at the same time. I’m planning my study abroad trip for the fall. I have a social life and friends for the first time at school. I have reading out the asshole and I am just exhausted like 99% of the time. And this is how I feel about it.

I think it’s important to indulge in shitty little doodles. I think it’s a lot of fun to just make your lines shaky and weird and pair it with stupid quotes like: “End me please.”

To clarify: I do not want anyone to end me. I just feel really tired and the concept of me floating around in an ether and saying that makes me giggle.

tl;dr: I have a really stupid sense of humor and I like making shitty doodles.

Maybe this is my calling?

Who knows.


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