Designs! I Made Some!

My older brother’s best friend needed some logo designs, and so I did done make some designs!

His musical project is called “Old Hands.” He’s a singer-songwriter kind of guy. Every time he goes on stage, he calls his band different names like “Cold Ham.” About a week ago, he came to me asking to design some stickers for him. This is me: doing my very best.

Cold Ham Sticker:
For this sticker, I made a selection and stroked the selection with 20 px. Then I used an eraser to give it a different looking texture, something a little less perfect. Then I just used a thinner brush and drew up that little ham right there. I will probably be going back to this design to flesh it out a little better. We will have to see. For the text: is the best place on planet earth. Thousands of free fonts JUST FOR YOU. I had heard about it forever ago when I was designing t shirts. To give it the arched effect: you just have to go onto the text box drop down menu and create a mask. Then go to the top toolbar and make it an arched mask. This will make a selection of your text and all you have to do is fill it in. Super exciting!

Old Hands Sticker:
The photo on this one is actually a picture Jason took of his mother’s hands. First, I overlayed a picture of a map of Pennsylvania. If you right click that layer, you can click “overlay” to make the ¬†filter effect I have on this. To get the white border, I just used the rectangle selection tool and stroked it with a 15 px white stroke. Good stuff. Again, I went to the (a.k.a best place on earth). I wrote the text and then just made a copy of the layer and made the text white. Then I moved the copy-white-layer over a bit and voila! Simple and fun.

Making these two logos was super fun because I got to just play around with it. I wanted to give Jason some choice, so I made something “fun” and something more professional. I really enjoyed the whole process, and it’s so good to finally feel competent with my work, especially on Photoshop. It’s a very, very good feeling.


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