Started: 10:58 p.m.
Finished: 11:08 p.m. 

I am unbelievably excited. More excited than anyone has ever been for really amateur graphic design work. Are you ready to be super underwhelmed? Because I am VERY overwhelmed and pleased with myself:

t2d logo copy

After sitting around and shirking my responsibilities for a bit, I thought I would make a little logo for myself. Just something super simple that will make my page more attractive when I’m posting about it? I don’t know. Work with me here.

The trick for this one was getting that nice blue-gray bit that corresponds to the banner on my page. When I was done pressing the option key and dragging the eye-dropper tool, I turned to my good pal, Google, who directed me over to this page which is SUPER HELPFUL (it will probably be my bible throughout this entire process).

But yes! Logo! I made that! First Photoshop-battle: success! While the amount of technical skill in this is minimal and the design isn’t anything that will knock anyone’s socks off, I DID THAT. I MADE THE THING. I just used my trackpad for this, no tablet yet…we’ll get there, I promise.

If anyone out there has any critiques or suggestions for me, I am all ears. Let me know. Please help me.